Best Free Photoshop Courses & Tutorials in 2020

Free Photoshop Courses

searching for Top free photoshop courses & tutorials online.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular & extensively used software applications in the world. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can create & edit amazing photos & images with comfort.

Adobe has done a fabulous work of making the Photoshop software application more friendly for beginners.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a trained graphic designer or a digital marketing specialist to learn Photoshop for free.

We have listed Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, Courses, Training & Certification free Photoshop Courses online for 2020.

 It combines both free & paid Photoshop courses to support you learn Adobe Photoshop & these free photoshop courses are suitable for beginners, average students as well as specialists. 

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Best Free Photoshop Courses & Certifications!

1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Best Free Photoshop Courses & Certifications.

This is a free course & tutorials offered by Adobe.

When you aim to master photoshop than it the best option available online & Adobe provides access to multiple online learning videos and tutorials created to help you learn the photoshop essential for free.

These tutorials are available for free, so you can practice them at your ease.

Create anything you can think of.

Learn the basics, or improve your skills with tutorials created to inspire.

2. Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners

Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners

Learning the basics of Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners course offered by Udemy.

These free photoshop courses are created to guide you on the basics of Photoshop, even if you have few to no experience with photoshop & create effective web designs that help you reach out from the competition.

  • Course Rating: 4.5 (2,503 Ratings)
  • Students: 62,406 Enrolled
  • Language: English
  • Last Updated: 12/2015
  • Platform: Udemy

Topic Covered:

  • Information about the interface of Photoshop cc
  • Using the paintbrush
  • Utilizing different blending modes and effects
  • Inserting and changing text into Photoshop
  • Throughout the course, you will also learn amazing keyboard shortcuts.
  • Using shapes and making custom shapes
  • Using layers and groups
  • Explanation about migrating and resizing.

3. Envato Tuts+

Best Free Photoshop Courses & Tutorials in 2020

Envato Tuts+ is a great online learning platform in 2020 which offers high-value online courses for free.

This website works beyond the basics, allowing you to learn Photoshop techniques to help you achieve goals like creating photo-realistic, mock-ups and aligning your cover.

Although the Envato Tuts+ website does allow premium content for a cost, its range of free courses & tutorials is extensive.

Rather than concentrating on longer, project-based tutorials, Tuts+ tend to give shorter video lessons on specific techniques.

In addition to its course content on different topics of photoshop such as brushes, color correction & typography.

4. Beginner To Professional The Complete Photoshop Guide

Best Free Photoshop Courses & Tutorials in 2020

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop including excellent tips, techniques & extensions in this Free Adobe Photoshop Training Course offered by Eduonix.

Photoshop has become a hero for photographers & graphic designers who want to emphasize and highlight some aspects of the photo, remove any unflattering bits & pieces.

Even simply modify the image to make it something else altogether.

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Photoshop is one of the most important photo editing software online in 2020 and has been a love among photo editors.

 With various tools, effects and textures up its sleeve, it has so much to offer for photo editing & allows photographers and editors to alter, modify and even change the complete photos & images.

  • Course Rating: 4.5 ( 498 Ratings)
  • Duration: 12.5 hours 
  • Language: English
  • Last Updated: 12/2019
  • Platform:  Eduonix Learning Solutions

5. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials by Skillshare

Best Free Photoshop Courses & Tutorials in 2020

Skillshare is a great alternative to Udemy & offering various free & premium courses & tutorials.

It has a wide variety of online courses for photoshop, illustrator & graphic designing, etc courses for free & providing better value to their enrolled students.

These video courses are free for all & best for beginners who want to make a career in graphic designing.