Best Free Digital Marketing Courses 2020

Free Digital Marketing Courses & Certifications

In the era of digital marketing in 2020, professionals need to stay updated on top digital & online trends. With numbers of free online marketing courses available online. 

We gathered the list of top free digital marketing courses & certifications that are completely 100% free. So that you can use more time learning and shorter time in searching these courses.

This list of Top 5 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses & Certifications available online in 2020.

Best Free Digital Marketing Courses & Certifications - 2020 -

Google Digital Garage is a best & free online digital marketing course offered by Google & takes a somewhat different way to online digital marketing courses.

This course covers crucial topics like developing a strong online strategy & helping business with online advertising, you can also master other abilities like networking & growing your online business protection.

These digital marketing online certification programs are suitable for new beginners who may want to learn the basics of Digital Marketing before deep diving into each topic. 

Offered different Types of modules on topic likes (SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, etc.) and covers the entire range of online marketing. 

HubSpot Academy offered an online marketing course for free.

In 2020, Inbound marketing is very essential in digital marketing. Almost 75% of companies around the world following this methodology & searching & implement their strategy.

To train entrepreneurs & digital marketers on how to develop an inbound marketing strategy that will deliver good results.

 Hubspot course is prepared with helpful & practical information, starting from how to create a blog article on your websites.

Course Details:

  • 10 lessons
  • 9 quizzes
  • 34 videos
  • 3hr 57 minutes completion time

Facebook Blueprint is a collection of online courses offered by Facebook with an aim for educating people on how to do powerful marketing on social networking sites like ( Facebook & Instagram). 

With 6 million enrollments & 75+ free digital courses available, Facebook Blueprint helps you develop the skills you need to grow your business.

The topics cover different cases & building information for learning about Instagram marketing. 

This course offered in 86 modules & provides the best methods for campaign planning & optimization using Facebook & Instagram. 

You need to pay & schedule an exam if you want to get an officially recognized certificate from Facebook. 

Being able to measure your digital efforts correctly is key to understanding how your business is doing online. That’s why Google Analytics Academy online course is one you need to take to learn all the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

Analytics Academy Course offered courses for different levels, from beginners to experts. After completing the course, you’ll be able to track and analyze your marketing performance online & make intelligent decisions and better improvements.

Besides, there are some courses on YouTube analytics.

Learn SEO tips & tricks in this Free SEO course from Moz offered on Udemy with 4.3+ Rating.

SEO is the most active practice for optimizing a website by improving internal & external elements to increase the site’s traffic from different search engines.

The 3.5 hrs video course & almost 200,000 students are enrolled and get a certificate of completion.